To Die For

Sep 8, 2022 | Movies, CINEFLIX | 6 comments

Even in this ever changing world some things refuse to bend. Meet Gunnery Sargent Quint North. A creature of habit and discipline, the current PC world and "anything goes" mentality makes no sense at all to him. The propensity of athletes taking a knee and disrespecting not only this great country but also those who gave their lives protecting it makes even less.

But what can one man do to fight the intentional decay of the greatest country the world has ever known?

Speak out. Live a patriotic example. And, if necessary, die for his flag. Why..?
Because she's worth it.

WARNING: This movie is intensely patriotic. If patriotism and love of country offend you in any way... watch this film... then move somewhere else.
Filmmaker - John Schneider

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  1. G Wade

    What my husband and I got out of this movie was a vet who had serious PTSD and yet in between that and his love for the flag to the point of death, set him on a crash course with the prevailing culture that got out of hand.

    Honestly, we didn’t know what to expect in watching this movie. And the big question: is he a racist? We got that surprise answer at the end of the movie. We commend your effort and your message, John. In an environment where everything seems to be an offense, this movie was quite a surprise. Thank you for this work. Very differently portrayed, and very important in so many ways!

  2. Dalex D

    Thank you, John. Thank you so much! “To Die For” is moving, patriotic, 100% American.

  3. Dalex D

    This looks like a movie Clint Eastwood would have done. On another note. When I worked for an investment firm, I was asked to remove the Ameican flag from a picture of the New York Stock Exchange building. That was over 10 years ago!

  4. Dalex D

    Thank you for not going woke! I stopped going to movies just because of what Hollywood and it’s two faced words and actions of those who care more about money than they do about doing their job of just making movies. Between the Organizations and the people they decide to hire for their projects hate Americans and OUR VALUES but have no issues about taking the money and hiring their own security while promoting defend OUR GREAT POLICE OFFICERS. They’ve all got blood on their hands and they sit back laughing because they’ve made millions off the backs of True Blue Americans!!! Thank you for believing in OUR GREAT COUNTRY. I support everything you’re doing and I suspect that at least 75+ million people do as well! Thank you for being a PROUD AMERICAN, this PROUD VETERAN believes in you

  5. Dalex D

    Great movie thank you John we need more people like you we need your voice we need your heart we need your passion God bless you God bless America

  6. Dalex D

    One for the whole family to watch – Hollywood would never support this, so its up to us
    Great movie spread the word

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