Get your CB out and come up with a good “handle” cause it’s time to roll!
Legendary but tired ex-television star Duke Marietta is bet half a million dollars against his big rig that he can’t drive from Holden, Louisiana to Austin, Texas… pick up 400 cases of local beer and have it back in 24 hours.
Realizing that this will plant him smack dab in the middle of a “Smokey and the Bandit” reality he accepts the challenge, gets his country music buddy to drive his truck and gets a fast car to run blocker with and heads for the Interstate only to find a runaway bride and get chased all the way back by a very angry, Louisiana sheriff and his distraught son.
With many winks and nods to the original, this Tongue-in-cheek movie is not only aware it’s a movie but that it’s a movie within a movie!
A great action packed laughed fill ride for that Smokey fan in you or a great introduction to folks unaware of the thrill of a fast car.



4:Go On the eve before Halloween, four escaped murderers head to the woods with a hostage they didn't count on. With an inept posse searching in the wrong area they will be lucky if they live...

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Christmas Cars Available now!

The General Lee will ride again this Christmas, possibly in controversial fashion. Original Dukes of Hazzard star John Schneider is stepping back behind the wheel of the iconic Dodge Charger for an upcoming film from his studio in Louisiana.

The movie is titled Christmas Cars and tells a semi-true story based on Schneider’s real life. In the film, an independent studio owner is forced to rebuild after a storm rips through and tears apart his property. Schneider Studios faced a similar issue in 2016 when it was flooded according to The Advocate